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Kaylin Davison


It's been a while. I thought I would update you on how playing things are going. I play NAIA Division 1 at Edward Waters in Jacksonville Fl, our season is progressing. I am actually on my way to a away game to Tougaloo. But anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I am nationally ranked Number 1 in overall Division 1 NAIA Service aces total AND per set. As in overall for all NAIA conferences. I am number 1. So I wanted to thank you and the club coaches because my serves are ten times harder than they were before. I still think of some the coaching techniques you guys taught me when I'm back there. But I think that's a big accomplishment for a freshman. Maybe that's something to put on Zeniths website haha. Thanks again. Talk to you soon!

Kaylin Davison

Macenzie Richards

I wanted to let you know Macenzie had good things to say about the trainers tonight. She said when the girls were doing something incorrect the trainers not only told them what they were doing wrong but showed them.  She said that made a huge difference and The XXXX did not take the time to do that.  She liked the stretching exercises a lot and will do those before her school games. Cenzie also stated the trainers were very nice.
Michelle Richards

Casey Mandeville

Here is something else cool. CU played slippery rock last weekend... won btw. ..2 or 3 cva girls on that team, none of whom are seeing play time. Also, an elite girl on seton hill that I didn't see on the court at all.  Point being, Casey got more out of being on a regional club team than they did being on national teams.   Irena

Maddie Duhl

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for having Maddie as part of the
Zenith team this year. Our whole goal for her was to continue to enjoy
volleyball, while getting better skills for school ball so that she would
continue to make the school team and also get play time.
This week, Maddie’s school team had their first indoor league night. The
difference in her playing was amazing! Even her comfort on the court, and
confidence was so noticeably different. She went from almost never even
serving in game situations in eight grade… jump serving nine straight
in the league play. What a difference.
So, again, thanks so much for a great year and all of your hard work with
Maddie, we are looking forward to next year, for both school ball and
hopefully Zenith as well  :)